Q&A: How do I convince my bank to get a website?

Question by dusgfmo: How do I convince my bank to get a website?
I bank with a very small bank, located in a town of about 230 people. They have no website or online banking. I stay with them because my grandma worked there and my grandpa was on the board. They are rated higher on thestreet.com, BauerFinancial, and bankrate.com than other banks that I have access to. My only complaint is that they don’t have a website.

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Answer by Reena
Sooner or later they will follow…. in the meantime enjoy a bank that protects it’s employees and doesn’t slash jobs.

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  1. Where's my scooby snack? says:

    You’d have to write a letter to the CEO of that bank. Be persistent about it. Don’t write one time and give up. Write, wait a few months, if they haven’t done anything, write them again. List all the pros of having a website. They probably don’t have one because the town and bank are so small. But then again, my parents’ bank has a website and they live in a very small town, so anything is possible.

    Eventually, they will get with the age of technology.

  2. Ling says:

    Call to the bank check

  3. Claire says:

    There’s not much you can do. Some people said, “Write to the CEO.” Oh please people.. like the CEO really cares how one person feels. Customers always feel like they have such huge control and influence but they simply don’t.. unless there’s a huge amount of customers who want the same thing. I switched banks because my previous one didn’t have a website either. I think they’ll eventually figure it out once a good chunk of their customers start switching. They’re a bank for crying out loud.. I’m sure they “know” that a website would be useful but just choose not to create one.. especially since you mentioned that they aren’t that big.